The K Desktop Environment

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5. The Popup Menu

The popup menu is activated whenever the right mouse button is clicked in the KBiff icon area.

5.1 (Un)Dock

This docks or undocks KBiff from the panel. This option will only work in KDE complient window managers like KWM. The default state is determined by the setup dialog.

5.2 Setup

This will activate the setup dialog. See the Setup Dialog section for more details.

5.3 Help

This activates the online help (this).

5.4 Check Mail Now

This forces KBiff to check for new mail right now, regardless of the poll time. This will check all mailboxes in a profile.

5.5 Read Mail Now

This will force KBiff to act like all mailboxes in the current profile are "old." This makes most sense when you have new mail on a remote server (pop3 or imap4) and don't feel like downloading it right then.

5.6 Stop/Start

This will either stop or start KBiff.

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